‘We Make M-ODE’ is a multi-disciplinary fashion event (20-24 June) that connects the city of Amsterdam and its inhabitants with innovative and sustainable visions on fashion and its makers.

We offer a stage for product and protest, for sustainable entrepreneurship and necessary innovation. The ‘We Make M-ODE’ route embraces collaborations with: West district, WOW, Vondel CS & Circl. The M-ODE Foundation supports talented Fashion Designers, Developers & Entrepreneurs, to create sustainable and healthy businesses.



Waste to Want Atelier with Bas Kosters Studio Every second a truckload of textile waste is thrown away. 90 billion garments are bought each year, 65 billion items are discarded after an average of 3 weeks of wearing. Textile waste ends up burned or on a landfill. We will make this problem visible and offer solutions, starting with the textile waste from the city of Amsterdam. Tons of textile will be a landfill in the Machinegebouw building at Westergasfabriek.

Designer Bas Kosters and his Studio team will build an atelier within the waste and they will create a new collection on the spot, made from waste. A second life is a sustainable solution. Preventing it would be even better by producing clothes circularly and by buying less: buy less!

Wed. 20th - Fri. 22th June | Machinegebouw | Free entry!


M-ODE presents: Merel van Glabbeek / Fashionshow

Merel van Glabbeek is a womenswear label founded in 2015. The label offers exclusive clothing and unique pieces that feature extensive handcrafting. The collections have a steady focus on attention to detail, craftsmanship and unusual material combinations. As a designer, Merel van Glabbeek is always in search of the balance between structure and chaos. Her designs are defined by mixed contrasting and strong, dark, feminine silhouettes.

Thursday, June 21 | 13:00 uur | Zuiveringshal
M-ODE presents: Ajbilou Rosdorff / Fashionshow

Ajbilou | Rosdorff started in 2016 as a collaboration between Yasmina Ajbilou and Lynn Kate Rosdorff. One of the basic principles of the philosophy behind the Ajbilou | Rosdorff label is a focus on zero waste fashion. The textile industry is one of the biggest polluters in the world, and they want to show that there are alternative ways to create fashion, without the extra costs for the environment. They believe they can create beautiful fashion that is also sustainable. They do this by reusing materials that otherwise would have been thrown away. In their designs, they are inspired by cultures around the world and combine these

Thursday, June 21 | 16:00 uur | Zuiveringshal
M-ODE presents: Judith van Vliet X Amber Ambrose Aurèle / Fashionshow

Judith is a sustainable fashion designer who creates her own world within her concepts. Each collection or item contains a story, from a little personal story to social and environmental issues: her fashion is much more than just clothes. To empower her stories, she is always looking for the right materials. That’s why Judith finds it challenging to combine conventional clothes with unconventional materials and shapes, resulting in collections that can be both clothes and art.

Amber Ambrose Aurèle is known for her visually unique work and sky-high heels. As a designer, she explores the boundaries of fashion and art trough her shoe designs. She holds an MA in Shoe Design from ArtEZ Arnhem (2012) and a MA in Art History from the University of Amsterdam (2012). Her academic background makes her research process unique and elevates her vision of beauty and design. Her creations have a sweet and twisted view that combines fine handwork techniques with innovative technology or (sustainable) material.

Friday, June 22 | 14:00 uur | Zuiveringshal
M-ODE presents: ROUMANS / Fashionshow

Sophie Roumans, is the founder of the eponymous label ROUMANS. Graduated Cum Laude at the school of the Arts in Utrecht after she finished a tailorship specialized degree. It all started with the graduation in 2017 where she got a kick start by being selected for the Lichting 2017 and presented her work at the Amsterdam Fashion Week.

The menswear label represents high quality garments and realism. You will find the concept in the collections abstract but narrowly approached. Mirroring the society and telling a story through accurate tailoring. Sophie Roumans is fascinated by human actions and consequences and sees fashion as a mirror to society. Designing wearable garments, with no season and a global identity. Social issues have a leading role in her work, she is also one of the founders of ‘The Publisher’ a platform to connect and support artists who fled their home country to the creative working field. Sustainability is a norm at Sophie Roumans, she makes use of fabrics with low environmental impact and rest materials from the industries.

Friday, June 22 | 17:00 uur | Zuiveringshal
M-ODE presents: Hacked By_ / Private Viewing

HACKED by _ is a collaboration-project between renowned Dutch fashion designers Alexander van Slobbe and Francisco van Benthum. A response to the growing power of the so-called fast fashion chains: with consumption as the main objective. The designers have infiltrated the production systems of the chains. They acquired the leftovers the fashion industry usually leaves behind at its production sites. By manually adding new layers to this ‘prefab’ basis, their pieces regain the signature of the designer. Resulting in collections for men and women.

June 21th / between 18.00 – 20.00, Hacked By_ will host private viewings of their work and methods to a selected audience of press, professionals and invites.

Thursday, June 21 | 18:00 – 20:00 uur | Zuiveringshal
M-ODE presents: INEEN By LEBL + Lhana Marlet / fashionshow

‘We design wearable collections, based on style and personalities. We waste less, produce less and use less. We both have high quality standards regarding the entire chain of garment industry. We use left-over materials, eco fabrics and aim for a zero-waste policy. We share the same vision on the garment industry. We believe that our designs, the mix between print design and denim will bring a strong overall visual look and an enticing show.’

Friday, June 22 | 20:30 uur | Zuiveringshal
M-ODE presents: ANNE DE GRIJFF / Intimate Poetic fashion presentation

Instead of the usual catwalk Anne de Grijff prefers intimate salon presentations including delightful performances and dinners to show her collections. She has welcomed her carefully selected guests at several inspiring locations.

On Friday June 22th during ‘We Make M-ODE’, Anne de Grijff will present a selection of looks from her ‘XO’ collection. The Dutch poet Pieter Boskma, also wearer of ANNE DE GRIJFF couture, wrote a series of small poems about this collection. These poems re-echo the ideas that underlie the designs and give the viewer a look through the eyes of the designer.

Anne de Grijff’s highly wearable collections are designed following a system. In 2014, when Anne de Grijff decided to organize her label around her new ‘slow fashion’ principle, graphic designers Adriaan Mellingers and Edwin van Gelder expressed her systemic way of designing in a new logo. This logo in return created a strong framework for the Anne de Grijff label to come to its essence. Based on the ‘golden ratio’ Anne de Grijff’s logo symbolizes all the brand’s expressions; it is reflected through patterns, detailing, in prints and branding.

Anne de Grijff’s designs are made to measure, maintaining close contact with the client throughout production and delivery.

Friday, June 22 | 19:00 uur | De Werkkamer
M-ODE presents: BAS KOSTERS / Fashionshow

With a Master Degree in Fashion Design from ArtEZ (2003) in his pocket, Bas Kosters set off on a thrilling safari into the world of fashion. However, it takes only a glimpse of his outspokenly colourful and remarkably consistent body of work to see that his stories go way beyond clothing propositions. Even though Bas Kosters merely orbits the fashion industry like the alluring alien that he is, he fully embraces fashion’s innate accessibility, which allows him to ease into people’s hearts and minds and work his magic right there. Not that he wants to dictate anything. The unique performative quality of fashion is that it allows people to express themselves. This is exactly what the multifaceted artist Bas Kosters is all about. His work is inextricably linked to who he is; it is his ‘flow’. There is no plan, no marketing, no ego; just his natural born enthusiasm and genuine engagement with the world as is.

Saterday, June 23 | 20:30 uur | Zuiveringshal



In collaboration with Vondel CS, We Make M-ODE will launch a 2-day Pop-up Shop, with various sustainable designer-labels, an exposition by TEYM, a Masterclass “Sustainable Challenge”, and the premiere of a documentary about couturier Frank Govers, followed by a Fashionshow with his most iconic looks, who will become very hot & happening again through a tribute-collection made from textile-waste taken from King’s Day.

VondelCS is open to a wide audience!

Sat, June 23 & Sun, June 24 | 10:00 – 20:00 uur | Designer PopUp shop
Sat, June 23 | 17:00 uur |Opening EXPO TEYM by Woolmark
Sat, June 23 | 17:30 uur | Grand Finale Frank Govers (Docu/Show)
Sun, June 24 | 14 – 16:00 uur | Masterclass Sustainable challenge by Fatima Essahsah & Modemuze.nl 

CIRCL (Abn Amro)

The Fashion Market at Circl / ABN-AMRO

In collaboration with Circl / ABN AMRO, the We Make M-ODE route also embraces the ‘Zuidas’ and the circular pavilion: Circl: a place to connect with the future. At Circl M-ODE realizes a 3 day market from june 22th till 24th. A line up of designers and fashion entrepreneurs will present and sell their ideas for a brighter fashion future with respect for planet and people. On Sunday the 24th we present live interaction at Circl.

Full program and line up will follow soon. Opening hours and contributing designers / brands will be added coming week.

Fri, June 22 – Sun, June 24 | Circl / ABN-AMRO



24 June WOW Amsterdam transforms Bos en Lommerplein in Amsterdam West from a market square to a futuristic fashion spectacle. During the day there will be a variety of upcycle workshops and activities, for young and old, with the aim to raise awareness for a more sustainable Fashion world, both on the industry and the consumers’ sides. In an exhibition, you can also discover all that you need to know about the future of fashion, the new directions in the field and the new materials and gadgets. Also, it addresses the new mindset that is needed for change. The day will be closed by a spectacular fashion show, during which the public is invited to experience the catwalk from a whole different point of view: it’s all about changing perspectives. With the participation of emerging talents such as Linda Plaude, Lisa Konno, Timna Weber, Schepers Bosman & Eduardo Leon and Amber Jae Slooten.

Sun, June 24 | Bos en Lommerplein